Mr. Cory S. Kelley

About Mr. Kelley…


Bringing 12 years of teaching experience from the State of Texas, Mr. Cory Kelley feels very fortunate to be building upon the legacy of excellence that’s been established at Cambridge High School. 


With just over 60 productions under his direction,  Mr. Kelley has helped foster student success by encouraging bold choices, an ensemble mentality, and student ownership over every aspect of production. As a result, he has seen his students excel at the highest level of competition including Tommy Tune Award Winners (Houston-area Schuler Awards), Main Stage performers at Texas Thespians, University Interscholastic League (Texas’ GHSA) State Qualifiers in Theatrical Design, as well as numerous other accolades on the state and district level.


While not one to traditionally believe in “signs”, the road that brought Mr. Kelley to Cambridge seemed to be one that was almost serendipitous in nature. Back in February 2020, while leading a puppetry workshop at the Georgia Thespian Conference, Mr. Kelley had the privilege of speaking with Cambridge’s Former Theatre Director, Mrs. Tracey Buot, and found they shared many similar views on the role of educational theatre. Having mentioned he was looking to move to Georgia to Mrs. Buot, by mid-March Mr. Kelley found himself interviewing for Mrs. Buot’s position. He went from BRIDGEland to CamBRIDGE, from being a bear to bear, and where the very first student he saw on campus at Cambridge was wearing a Houston Texans shirt. While not a believer in “signs,” when the offer came to be a Cambridge Bear, Mr. Kelley couldn’t ignore that this was the right move.