Peter and the Starcatcher Playbill

Act 1: 55 Minutes
Act II: 50 minutes

Director's Note

Welcome to today’s performance of Peter and the Starcatcher. It has been an interesting path to this production. We started our year out on the cross country trail with Sleepy Hollow, followed by A Drive-Thru Christmas Caroling show, then our GHSA State Runner-Up One Act Play, The Diary of Anne Frank, and now we can finally invite a reduced audience into our auditorium for this magical adventure. While this year may not have looked or felt like a “normal year,” what these students have learned about creating art for our audiences, despite the obstacles that lie in their paths, in the end, I believe means more than putting on any play or musical under traditional circumstances. It meant embracing the unknown in the pursuit of something that could be lost at any moment in a way that, perhaps, last year’s graduating class knows all too well. Their commitment to this endeavor makes me so proud to be the director of all these amazing young artists. We really hope you enjoy the hard work of this incredible company, and are able to just relax and enjoy some theatre for the first time, for many of you, in a while. 


Thank you for supporting the Arts!
Cory Kelley, Director of Theatre

Production Team:

Cory S. Kelley, Stage Direction

Anna Azhar, Musical Direction

Hannah Combs, Stage Manager

Grant Myrick, Light Board Operator & Lighting Apprentice

Georgia Davidson, Sound Board Operator

Zero Kaminaris, Master Electrician

Chloe Leong, Digital Mapping Projection & Costuming Asst.

Holly Wander, Head Seamstress

Jeanne Hennessy, Costuming, Mermaid Choreography, and Overall Amazing Person

Jeff Costello, Lighting Designer

Special Thanks:

Laura Morgan

Duane Codrington 

Principal Ashley Agans, Darius Maize, David Goldie, Christina Kim, Cindy Weatherford and the Cambridge Custodial Staff.

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Cast & Crew


The Orphans

Boy/Peter: Aaron Darby
Prentiss: Shannon Hennessy
Ted: Sedrick Blake

The British Subjects

Lord Leonard Aster: John Jones
Molly Aster: Kat Pattillo
Mrs. Betty Bumbrake: Olivia Petty
Captain Robert Falcon Scott: Samantha Codrington
Grempkin: Alyx Humayra

The Seafarers

Bill Slank: Gabriela Pieterse
Alf: Carys Feldman
Mack: Will Morgan
Black Stache: Connor Sowder
Smee: Alexander Feskanin

Mollusk Island Natives

Fighting Prawn: Reese Jones
Hawking Clam: Eliza Taylor
Teacher: Emma Wander


Jasur Givens
Tyler LeeMaster
Ekaterina Rambaud
Natalie Reynolds
Alex Soriano


Stage Manager - Hannah Combs
Lighting - Grant Myrick
Sound - Georgia Davidson
Set & Props - Calahan Caron
Projections & Costume Assistant - Chloe Leong
Hair & Makeup - Casler Sack
Master Electrician - Zero Kaminaris