Sleepy Hollow Playbill

Production Team:

Cory S. Kelley, Director

Grant Myrick, Stage Manager & Set Design Apprentice

Chloe Leong, Costume Design Apprentice

Maddie Kaminaris, Sound Design Apprentice

Carter Brock, Technical Director Apprentice and Master Electrican

Dramaturge  and Support: Jeanne Hennessy

Special Thanks:

Elizabeth Justice & the Tri-M Honor Society

Natalie Hudson and the National Art Honor Society

Principal Agans and the Administration at Cambridge HS

The many families that went above and beyond to help bring this production to life through loaning lights, extension cords, building and leveling platforms in the woods, and clearing trails.


Cambridge Actor Support Team, Inc. 

President: Jeanne Hennessy

Vice President: Holly Wander

Treasurer: Adrian & Mariana Soriano-Loredo

Secretary: Kimberly Sowder

Additional Thanks to Our Patrons

Fans: Beth Brock & The Wander Family

Ensemble: Dr. Jeannine Jannot & The Feldman Family

Benefactors: The Hennessy Family & The Sowder Family

Cast & Crew


The Greeting

Grace Kelso

This is Grace Kelso’s first Bridge Ensemble performance for Cambridge HS in Alpharetta, Georgia. Grace’s favorite role is Jaq from Cinderella. Grace loves drawing and singing. Thanks to my friends and family.

Nia Walker

Nia Walker is creating her acting portfolio at Cambridge High School Theatre.She was part of the ensemble in Sweeney Todd which she really enjoyed. Nia sings and loves to make people happy.She loves Cambridge Theatre because it’s like a second family. Thanks to Mom,Dad,and Sister for your support and loving hand.

Amelie Ferrar

This is Amelie’s first show at Cambridge. She enjoys travelling and being with her friends. Thanks to Mom, Dad, Elliott and Belle.

Alexander Soriano-Loredo

This is Alex Soriano’s second year with the Cambridge Theatre Company. He played Major Gaston Howard in last years’ production of The Girl in the White Pinafore. Some of his past roles include: Fezziwig in A Christmas Carol (RISPA theatre), and Willy Wonka in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory (Forsyth County Theatre). Alex enjoys acting and traveling. His favorite thing about Cambridge Theatre Company is being able to go on trips to perform and to see other productions from different schools. Thank you to Jessie, Mom, Dad, and Grandma for your support! Love you guys!

Gabrielle Pieterse

Gabriela Pieterse is a freshman. This is her first show at Cambridge High School. She loves to act and  sing,  and has a great love for the arts. She’s met some great new friends being in this show. Being in drama and being in these shows makes her happy since she’s surrounded by the people with the same interests and passion


The Hessian

Dixon Brown

Dixon Brown loves puppetry, singing, and dancing, but most of all acting. Dixon has been acting since 3rd grade when he was in Hats, 4th grade Squirm, 6th grade Little Mermaid, 7th grade High School Musical, 8th grade Lion King, and 9th grade Girl in The Girl in the White Pinafore, Pippin and finally 10th grade Sleepy Hollow. He also loves hanging out with his mom his dog and his two sisters.

Hannah Combs

Hannah is a junior at Cambridge and this will be Hannah’s third year working with Cambridge Theatre. Her favorite role was Ethel Mayhew in the Girl in the White Pinafore. Hannah also loves working backstage with her past stage management experience. Hannah is the Social Media and Outreach Officer for Cambridge Thespians. What she most loves about theatre is helping to grow and support her fellow actors and express herself through her acting. Thanks to family for your support throughout my theatre journey.

The Witch in the Woods

Reese Johnson

Natalie Reese Johnson is a sophomore actor at CHS who participated in CHS’s last year’s production of Pippin and has done shows such as Shrek Jr. and Singin’ in The Rain Jr. during middle school. She enjoys playing piano, listening to music, and crafting things in her spare time. Thanks to Mom and Dad for all your support.

Shannon Hennessy

Shannon is very exited to play the witch in Cambridge Theater’s production of Sleepy Hollow! Shannon has been performing regularly since she was 7 years old. She would like to thank her parents and sister for supporting her as well as Mr. Kelley for giving her a chance to perform despite everything going on in the world right now.

The Graveyard

Emma Wander

This will be Emma’s fifth production with Cambridge Theatre (Sweeney Todd, The Outsiders, The Girl in the White Pinafore, Pippin). Some of her favorite roles include Ruth in The Ash Girl (Wando High School), Lola in That’s Not How I Remember It (WHS), Sandy in The Outsiders, and the Assistant Stage Manager for Pippin. Emma has been a member of the Cambridge Thespian Society for two years and is currently serving as Thespian President. She would like to thank her family for the support and Laura Bell Bundy / Elle Woods for inspiring her to do theatre 🙂

Connor Sowder

This marks Connor Sowder’s fifth show while in Cambridge Theatre. He has had roles as W.C. Shaw in The Girl in The White Pinafore, Sodapop in The Outsiders, and ensemble in both Sweeney Todd and Pippin. Connor is the vice president of Troupe 7858 and has done work with Redwave Productions. Thank you to mom, dad, Logan, and Mickayla for always supporting him and seeing his shows.

The Courtship

Alexander Feskanin

This will be Alexanders 7th production with Cambridge. With roles such as Two-Bit in The Outsiders as well as Fred in A Seussified Christmas Carol. Alexander won the Center Stage Supporting Actor award for his performance in The Girl in The White Pinafore in which he played Lem Davis and E.W Reagan. Thank you to all my amazing friends who have supported me unconditionally throughout my journey in theatre you mean a lot.

Kat Patillo

Kat has done the musicals at Cambridge (Beauty and the Beast, Sweeney Todd, Pippin) since her freshman year and joined the Advanced Company her junior year. She currently serves as Troupe Historian, and outside of theatre, she plays french horn and is the president of the CHS band program. Thanks to Mom, Dad, Maddie, and the dawgs.​

Jasur Givens

Sleepy Hollow is going to be Jasur's 3rd show on stage that he can remember. He has thought of Acting as a possibility as a career recently, last year since he joined Acting I. He has had lots of experience performing at his own home, so his performance here shall be spectacular.


The School Children

Olivia Petty

Olivia Petty is making her mark in her first play at Cambridge high school. One of her favorite roles was a sales clerk in Legally Blonde although it was small it was a wonderful way to introduce herself to the wonders of theater. She really enjoy the friendly face and the warm smiles of the Cambridge theater family. Some of Olivia’s past times include hiking, singing, and hanging out with friends. She gives a big thank you to Mom, Dad, Step mom, and Brothers Julian and Joshua.

Ingrid Schmitz

Ingrid Schmitz is a Freshman making her stage debut. She is excited to be involved in such a unique performance. She also enjoys writing and playing the flute. Ingrid sends thanks to Mr. Kelley for this opportunity, to Mrs. Hennessy for all the behind-the-scenes coordinations, and to her parents for appreciating her shenanigans.

Lexi Daniel

Lexi has been in numerous shows since she was young, including Dear Edwina Jr., The Little Mermaid Jr., and doing tech for High School Musical Jr. She is very passionate about Theatre and loves the community it creates among cast members. She thanks her family and friends for the continuous support, especially her mom and dad.

Alyx Humayra

Alyx Humayra is in her first year with Bridge Ensemble, but her favourite roles include Rafiki in The Lion King Jr (HMS) and Susan in High School Musical Jr (HMS). She enjoys playing several instruments, music, skateboarding, and creating makeup art. She is also heavily involved in chorus, doing honour events such as Regional and National ACDA. Thank you to Mother, Father, Vito, and Tristan for your unconditional love and support.

The Party

Ben Terry

Ben is excited to experience his debut with Cambridge Theatre as a freshman with Sleepy Hollow. Ben has been involved with CYT Atlanta, Stipe Studios, and Hopewell Middle School locally with favorite roles: Demetrius (Midsummer Nights Dream), Escapilogist (Matilda), Aladdin Jr (Aladdin), School of Rock (Lawrence), Lion King Jr (Pumbaa) Shrek (Lord Farquaad), Little Mermaid (Flounder) Beauty and the Beast Jr ( Lefou) to name a few. He also enjoys singing with Cambridge Chorus and playing Bass with Cambridge Orchestra.

Grace Lowell

Grace Lowell is a junior at Cambridge and has been doing performing arts since elementary school. She is currently involved in Cambridge Chorus in several top choirs, Mastery Women, Vox, and Unaccompanied Minors. This is her first production with Cambridge Theatre and can’t wait to get more involved.

Carys Feldman

Carys Feldman’s experience on the Cambridge High School stage began when she was cast in Pippin last year. She is a classically trained ballet dancer who has performed with Atlanta Dance Theatre for the last seven seasons and danced with The Dancer’s Studio since she was three. There, she has appeared in Babes in Toyland, Alice in Wonderland, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, and has had featured roles in their annual production of The Nutcracker, including the role of Clara. She has also studied with the American Ballet Theatre in their summer intensive. In addition to dance and theatre, Carys enjoys singing and is in the Cambridge High School Mastery Women’s Chorus. She loves expressing herself through these arts and making life-long friends because of it. Thank you to her family and friends for endless love and support.

Ben Creasy

Ben Creasy is a senior who, after four years in high school, has finally decided to step out of the theatre classroom and try to do something where an audience might see him at Cambridge. While theatre is a passion, he is also quite gifted musician and was quite pivotal in getting power to most of the stations in the show tonight, so he sees himself as a man of many talents, and he hopes you will too. While he’s a senior, he looks forward to seeing what he can do in the year to come to grow as a theatre artists.

Aaron Darby

Aaron Darby is making his debut in Cambridge High School Theatre’s “The Occurrence at Sleepy Hollow.” This will be his first official theatrical performance. He has had some experience in the performing arts. He was a member of Hopewell Middle School’s Orchestra, and he has taken acting classes both at Hopewell and Cambridge. He also works in Cambridge’s broadcasting network, “The Bridge.” At the 2019 Fulton County Film Festival, he won Best Actor in the Novice category. Thanks to Mom, Dad, Adam, Alyssa, Austin, and Alli.



Grant Myrick

Grant is super excited to be making his debut with the Bridge Ensemble at Cambridge High School as Stage Manager and Apprentice of Scene Design. When he’s being told not to eat things that he knows to be edible along the cross country trails, he enjoys micro-managing the movements of his peers and seeing what he can do with scenery outdoors that can be set up and taken down on the regular… because that’s what you  do when your director decides to do a show outside. In short, Grant is excited to be part of The Occurence at Sleepy Hollow, and looks forward to many more shows to come. 

Chloe Leong

This is Chloe’s second show working backstage in. Her favorite show she worked in is sleepy hollow. Chloe’s loves to sing. Her favorite thing about working backstage is learning to do new things. She likes how it is working backstage in high school then how it is in middle school. Thank you mom and dad for letting me do this and thank you Mr.Kelley for letting me join this play.

Maddie Kaminaris

Maddie comes from NHHS in Maryland, and is helping with lights and sound for TOASH. They’ve helped with multiple shows, such as Joesph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, The Music Man, Willy Wonka, and Legally Blonde.

Carter Brock

Carter has been in theatre the entirety of his Cambridge High School career, but this is is first time stepping behind the scenes and making tech theatre his focus, and has found he has a real knack for it. While the elements of nature might have made for moments of frustration on this performance (especially when we were attempting to run Christmas lights along the entirety of the trail), he is very proud of the end result of his hard work. 

Mr. Cory S. Kelley

Bringing 12 years of teaching experience from the State of Texas, Mr. Cory Kelley feels very fortunate to be building upon the legacy of excellence that’s been established at Cambridge High School. 


With just over 60 productions under his direction,  Mr. Kelley has helped foster student success by encouraging bold choices, an ensemble mentality, and student ownership over every aspect of production. As a result, he has seen his students excel at the highest level of competition including Tommy Tune Award Winners (Houston-area Schuler Awards), Main Stage performers at Texas Thespians, University Interscholastic League (Texas’ GHSA) State Qualifiers in Theatrical Design, as well as numerous other accolades on the state and district level.


While not one to traditionally believe in “signs”, the road that brought Mr. Kelley to Cambridge seemed to be one that was almost serendipitous in nature. Back in February 2020, while leading a puppetry workshop at the Georgia Thespian Conference, Mr. Kelley had the privilege of speaking with Cambridge’s Former Theatre Director, Mrs. Tracey Buot, and found they shared many similar views on the role of educational theatre. Having mentioned he was looking to move to Georgia to Mrs. Buot, by mid-March Mr. Kelley found himself interviewing for Mrs. Buot’s position. He went from BRIDGEland to CamBRIDGE, from being a bear to bear, and where the very first student he saw on campus at Cambridge was wearing a Houston Texans shirt. While not a believer in “signs,” when the offer came to be a Cambridge Bear, Mr. Kelley couldn’t ignore that this was the right move. 


Kiernan O'Mara
Tri Shriram
Jonas Lang
Rebecca Ho
Mrs. Elizabeth Justice - Director of Orchestras