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In so many areas of High School Extra-Curricular activities, once you have purchased uniforms, instruments, allocated funds for personnel, etc.,traditionally, you can project the financial needs of that activity and approximate your income (less so in the CoVid times, I know). Theatre, however, is always a gamble. The needs of each production vary and can be quite unique. It all begins by paying for rights and rotalties. When producing a musical, this is traditionally about $5,000. Unless you are producing Grease, then you are looking at about $10,000, so you can perform some the more well known songs from the movie.  Mind you, this is all before buying or renting costumes, sets, props, make-up, lighting, marketing materials, etc.. Then there are the additional demands of specific productions! Speaking from previous experiences, having contracted a company to come in and fly Mary Poppins to putting a swimming pool on a stage, you make theses purchases in the hopes that the audience will show up, that they will see the quality and value of the of the work,  and they will continue to come see plays – REGARDLESS of whether their student is involved or not. However, we know this is not  always so.

Beyond the necessities of a show, as a teacher/director/producer, there are always the tough decisions be made between what the artistic needs of the company (our students) are and what will put people in the chairs. Since we support our extra-curricular programs independent of district support, show choices can have a lingering effect on the quality and sustainability of a program. Regrettably, sometimes what are students need to grow and what audiences want to pay and spend their time on are a balancing act that we always have to consider. However, when you support The Bridge Ensemble at Cambridge High School as a Patron or Sponsor, we can find comfort in knowing that we will be able to address the wants and needs of our company and the audience without putting all our hopes and dreams into the box office delivering big on every show.

If you find yourself in a position to support us as either a Patron or Sponsor, we would be incredibly grateful. 

Thank you!

Warmest Regards,

Cory Kelley

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