PS 5 Raffle

We are selling $10 raffle tickets to win a PS5. These gaming consoles are nearly impossible to find. The going rate to purchase one online is over double the retail price, around $1,000. Through some great teamwork, our board secured a raffle license and a brand new Sony PS5 unit.

Marie Antoinette Trailer


ThesCon – $150 Down Payment Due September 7th
(This is important for securing the necessary hotel rooms.)

Advanced Company Fee (and any other student who would like an embroidered Jacket, Garment Bag, and Season T-Shirt) – $125 Due September 15th

Marie Antoinette Production Fee – Must Make atleast one Installment Payment by September 15th
Little Shop of Horrors Production Fee – Paid in Full by November 1st. 


This season, A Season of Super Powerful Performances, all of our performances will be exploring the nuances of POWER – to have it, to want it, to lose it, to find it (internally and externally), and the allure of it .For me, in life and and as a director, power has always been about control. The ability to look at any situation and see if you can bend it to be what you want it to be, BUT being willing to let it go when I know it is beyond my control and learn and do the best I can with whatever the circumstances might be. After a year like our last, I am certain that this is a theme we can all relate to.
What did we do in 2020-2021? Take a LOOK!
We are NOT High School Theatre- We ARE Theatre that happens in a High School

Welcome to the Bridge Ensemble
@ Cambridge High School Website!

We are NOT High School Theatre – We ARE Theatre that happens in a High School. While I understand that this MAY sound a TAD  pretentious, when I work with an ensemble of student actors, designers, and technicians, I believe that they are still responsible for honoring a gift that an audience gives us – something more important than money – their time. Time is something we can never get back. As such, the time and effort our theatrical company puts in creating experiences for our audiences is something we should treat with the highest regard in our pursuit to MAKE MAGIC. Because, as stated above in my introductory video, There is Magic in the Theatre, and the Theatre is Magic! Right now, we are all in need of a little magic!
I sincerely hope that this website highlights and honors the work of these tremendous illusionists at Cambridge High School. Moreover, I hope it will accurately depict and pay homage to the tremendous legacy of our alumni, as well as prior directors. I want those that have tread the boards here to know that they are family, and that this is still their home.  

Warmest regards,

Mr. Cory S. Kelley
Director of Theatre

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    Phone: 607-32-DRAMA (37262) |