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Enter off of Cogburn road and pull up to the check in area where you will show the ticket through the window and pick up any items you might have ordered ahead of time by clicking the link below. Then, when given the go ahead, you will proceed down the stadium drive very slowly (5 – 10 mph).

The Bridge Ensemble @ Cambridge High School

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We are NOT High School Theatre- We ARE Theatre that happens in a High School

Welcome to the NEW Bridge Ensemble
@ Cambridge High School Website!

You may have noticed in some of the material that filled our social media since I came on as the Director of Theatre this little tagline: We are NOT High School Theatre – We ARE Theatre that happens in a High School. While I understand that this MAY sound a TAD  pretentious, when I work with an ensemble of student actors, designers, and technicians, I believe that they are still responsible for honoring a gift that an audience gives us – something more important than money – their time. Time is something we can never get back. As such, the time and effort our theatrical company puts in creating experiences for our audiences is something we should treat with the highest regard in our pursuit to MAKE MAGIC. Because, as stated above in my introductory video, There is Magic in the Theatre, and the Theatre is Magic! Right now, we are all in need of a little magic!
I sincerely hope that this new website will  highlight and honor the work of these tremendous illusionists at Cambridge High School. Moreover, I hope it will accurately depict and pay homage to the tremendous legacy of our alumni, as well as prior directors. While the guard may have changed at Cambridge, I want those that have tread the boards here to know that they are family, and that this is still their home.  Once we are able to again, we hope to be able to open our doors to you and better honor your contributions. Until then, please check back often! Things might look a little different right now, but theatre will still happen – as it always has – one way or another.
Stay Happy and Healthy! Warmest regards,
Mr. Cory S. Kelley
Director of Theatre

Our 2020-2021 Season

Preparing a season of shows in the thick of a pandemic is no easy task! However,  not wanting to throw our hands up in the air and say “We’re Closed Until This Clears,” we are diligently working to come up with a season that adjusts to whatever phase we find ourselves in with Covid-19. It might not look like what we’re used to, but being creative types, we are going to think creatively and make magic happen!

Our first offering, this year, will be The Occurrence at Sleepy Hollow: An Outdoor Immersive Theatrical Experience based on Washington Irving’s The Legend of Sleepy Hollow as adapted by our Theatre and Dramatic Writing students.


The rest of our season is yet to be determined as many things remain in a state of flux, but as information solidifies with us, we will pass it along to you. 

Warmest Regards,

Mr. Cory Kelley, Director of Theatre 


Contact us!


    2845 Bethany Bend, Milton, Georgia 30004 
    Phone: 607-32-DRAMA (37262) |